Why your business needs a strong presence on social media 1

Why your business needs a strong presence on social media

The importance of social media for business

These day when the average person is looking for a product or service, they do one of two things. Most often they do both of these things, to work out in their minds who they should go to for the product or service they are looking for.

First they do a simple Google search to find out what options there are on the market. They will often limit their research to results in the top 5 of Google. The overall quality of the website is key at this stage – rightly or wrongly, people make snap judgments. If you website looks old, tired and out of date it give the impression that the business is also out of date and probably not a first choice to do business with. The second thing (or more increasingly with millennials, the first thing) they do is to check out a business they ay what to become a customer on on Facebook.  Whilst many businesses are very aware of the importance of a decent website (although not all of course!) so many neglect their Facebook page.

But what impression do people get when they see a page where the last update was over 6 months ago? Or, as we see all too often, years ago!? It gives the impression that the business is dead. Or at the leats very out of touch with modern culture. Straight away, this old and unloved page has killed any chance of some prospects turning into customers or clients.

Some example we have seen just doing a fresh search on facebook today: